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[10 Mar 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
Ad agency, promote thyself

So, I know this has been discussed before, but I’ve never heard a satisfactory explanation.
Why don’t advertising agencies advertise?
We ask our clients to put their faith in us. We tell them that their media dollars are an investment, one that will pay off with increased sales and additional customers.
And yet, when was the last time you saw a BBDO spot on TV? Or a Crispin print ad? Or an R/GA banner?
We don’t even have a particularly strong social media presence. Sure, there are a few agencies that have a decent …

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[9 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
Never Talk To Strangers

Think about it.
If you have to create a character for kids, would it be a disgusting creature like a mouse?
Well, Spongebobs come and go, but Mickey Mouse is still here, making zillions.
What about using red in the logo and in the package of a refreshing product?
And here’s Coca-Cola.
If you have to choose a name for a high-end technology company, would you pick Apple?
Now, watching these early Ronald McDonald’s commercials, even considering that they were shot in the sixties, would you imagine that this clown would help a brand to become …

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[22 Jan 2010 | One Comment | ]
Back in November, I had no idea that Tiger…

Back in November, I had no idea that Tiger was about to hit a tree with his SUV and trashy women would begin to fall out…
So much has been written and said about he sorry state of Tigers personal life, I really don’t need or want to chime in here.
But Hell, it sure does back up the point I was trying to make about the media constantly cramming certain people down our throats. And how most of the time a celebrity pitchman is simply a lame substitute for an idea. …

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[14 Jan 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
Courage and Pepperoni, Please

They could do another “new and improved taste” standard campaign.
But they had the guts to release a campaign with the consumers saying that their old product wasn’t good at all.
They were honest enough to say yes, the pizza you’ve been buying for years had a cardboard taste.
Ad people will discuss about the taste of the campaign (as always, right?).
Consumers will discuss the taste of the pizza – even in the Domino’s website.
But nobody will be indifferent.
What do you guys think?
- Fabio Seidl
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[9 Dec 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
The Apple of my ire.

How does Apple do it? How have they managed to hang on to my unwavering loyalty, despite the monumental amount of pain they have caused me over the years?
My iphone drops calls with an almost reckless abandon. I honestly have no faith that any call I make will go through. And yet I swear by this phone. I would recommend it to anyone.
My iMac crashes more than Tiger Woods on an Ambien bender. I’ve literally lost days of my life to the spinning wheel of death. My “Mighty Mouse” scroll …

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[8 Dec 2009 | No Comment | ]
IKEA + Facebook

Simple, effective use of Facebook for Ikea, done by agency Forsman+Bodenfors.
But we wont be seeing imitators because Facebook now requires anything like a “competition” to happen within an application, so the low-tech simplicity of this idea was a one time deal.
Pretty smart.
-Shannon McGlothin
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[4 Dec 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
What is an ad?

What is an ad, exactly?
All those logos on the boards in hockey rinks,  are those ads?
Most people, if asked, would probably say yes.
But I’ll bet they never jumped up in the middle of a hockey game to make a phone call just because they saw a Verizon logo on the boards.
My vote is a big, fat no – that random collection of logos are most definitely not ads.
Indeed, they are naught but a complete waste of money that could well be spent on real ads.
Like the Home Depot logo in …

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[3 Dec 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
Here’s to the Lazy Ones

The more television I watch, the more I worry that the art of writing a truly great anthem is being lost. Things like nuance, subtlety and the implied meaning seem to have been replaced with bombastic, flat-footed, overt statements that usually begin with, “At __________, we believe …”
Which got me to wondering why is that?
Is it that “new media” has forever changed how we use television?
Or is it that this kind of brand building is difficult to connect to a measurable ROI?
Could it be that clients just won’t approve this …

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[2 Dec 2009 | No Comment | ]
Mind the GAP? Yes.

So I was watching a little TV the other day, as I’m prone to do, when I was assaulted by a commercial for GAP Kids. I’m still not sure I’ve recovered fully.
In this spot, a group of overly precious, overly accessorized and overly choreographed kids shriek unintelligibly, in unison (like cheerleaders, so cute!). I presume they are saying something along the lines of “The decline of civilization is accelerating rapidly, buy us little pants!”
Must we turn our children into little mini-fashionista versions of ourselves? What happened to kids looking like …