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You know you want it.

11 August 2010 One Comment

Since our economy collapsed and the great recession sunk its tentacles deep into the psyche of our nation, I’ve noticed that our industry has come under fire. People come up to me and cry about the fact that advertising creates demand for things we don’t really need.

To which I usually reply, “you’re welcome.”

Does anyone even understand how the economy works? If everyone suddenly stopped buying stuff they didn’t need we’d all be out of work, homeless and most likely killing each other for a small share of the rapidly dwindling food supply.

We didn’t ruin our economy because we bought stuff we didn’t need. We ruined the economy because we bought stuff we couldn’t afford. There’s a difference.

Fact is, we only really need a few basic things: Some sort of shelter, a few garments to keep us warm and access to things we can kill or harvest for food.

That’s pretty much it. Is that the kind of world people are yearning for?

One of the greatest gifts that humans ever received was the capacity to desire something along with the ability to attain it. Maybe you’re prepared to give that up in an ill-advised attempt at recapturing some imaginary, idealized version of America where we are all robots in pursuit of food, clothing and shelter.

But not me.

I’m gonna continue to work hard so I can have a nice home to relax in, a big TV to entertain me, and a wall full of books to inspire me. I’m going to put in a few extra hours once in a while so I can drive a good looking vehicle to well-decorated establishments where polite, nicely dressed people serve me nourishing fare lovingly prepared by creative, hard-working men and women. And I’m going to work a few weekends so I can occasionally sit inside a magical machine that transports me to far away lands where I can experience the beauty of our planet from a fresh perspective.

If you truly don’t need any of that, I personally think you’re crazy, but I welcome your dissenting comments below.

But if you really only buy things you need, you wouldn’t have a computer, so you’re not reading this anyway.

-TJ Bennett

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  • please pay-tal said:

    yup TJ, you’ve pretty much covers it. all i need, is a roof, some clothes, mode of transportation, food, travel, entertainment (music, tv, books) and a computer.

    spending money should always be about quality vs quantity.

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