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2 May 2011 2 Comments

We had one of those terrible weeks with everybody working until late at night. Tension was all over. So, I gave this idea.

- Why don’t we go to that pool bar next to the agency after work?

The media guy was reluctant. He had a stress with a new writer during a pitch.

- I don’t know…

The writer insisted.

- Come on, it will be cool .
- I have to go home and help my wife with something, I’ll meet you there.
- Hey man, I hope you are not upset with me…
- No, look, I will call you guys to check if you are still there, ok?
- Let me call you, give me your number.

So, he typed the number on his phone and we all went to the bar. The media guy never showed up. After a few drinks the writer remembered something.

- I almost forgot! I met a girl at a party yesterday and I promised that I would call her and we would do something today. She was all over me but I was so drunk…

- And you are playing pool with us? Call her now!

- I guess I put her number in my mobile…here it is!

He called her.

- Hello, may I talk with Paula, please? Who wants to know? Her husband?! Well, nevermind, bro, sorry.

He hanged up, and his phone rang again. We could hear the other guy yelling at the other side, offending 5 generations of our friend’s family. He tried to explain.

- Look, it was a mistake…hey, lower your voice, man! Well, yes, I kind of kissed your wife! She didn’t tell me she was married! I don’t know why she gave me your number, maybe she wants to dump you! It’s not my problem! Bye!

His phone rang again. This time, it was the girl, crying.

- Oh, now you don’t remember me! What about what we did in your car? Cool. Look, I don’t get what’s your thing with your husband, but I don’t want to get involved…

They kept calling each other, yelling and swearing for some hours until…

- Oh, you are going to kill me? Uuuuh, I am so scared! I’ll punch your face so hard that your wife will really leave you. Bring her too. Let’s see if this liar will say that we didn’t make out. I know a place where we can fight, you can cry and nobody will listen, write it down…

A duel. I thought it only happened at the movies. Of course, we never let our friend get there and took his phone from him until the next morning.

So, after a long night, we were back to work, destroyed. The media arrived.

- Sorry I didn’t show up. Problems at home. I am getting divorced.

- What?

- Sad story. I guess my wife is cheating on me. While I was working here until late, she went to a party, met a guy and gave him my phone! She denies it, but how can this guy call to my phone and ask for her name?

Elementary, my dear friends.

The writer, as he always does, just typed the number on his phone but didn’t write any name under it.

So, he called the first number on the list, thinking that it was from the girl he met, when it was actually the media guy’s number.

The girl and the media’s wife have almost the same name: Paula and Ana Paula

But until we figure it out, they almost killed each other in the agency.

Yeah, nothing like a night out with your coworkers to make everybody relax.

- Fabio Seidl


  • Stephen Curry said:

    WOW. That sounds unbelievable. Are you sure you’re not writing a novel?

    : )

  • Fabio Seidl said:

    Yeah, Stephen, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Thanks for the comment and all the best!

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