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Ready. Set. Go.

16 September 2010 2 Comments

Get out of bed. Check Facebook. Post on twitter (ugh, mornings!). Shower. Check Gmail. Go to work. Read emails on way to work. Get to office. Turn on computer. Check Facebook on phone while computer boots up. Log in to computer. Check work email. Get coffee. Do some work. Check in on foursquare. Post on Facebook (soooooo tiiiiiirrrrreeeed). Reply to Facebook friend request (do i know him?) Do a little more work. Watch video on YouTube. Comment on video. Share video. Check Gmail. Go on IM. Sit through PowerPoint presentation at work. Look at email on phone during presentation. Tweet (booooorrrrrreeeeed!). Scribble notes to look busy during presentation. Back to desk. See if anyone has responded to your tweet about the presentation. Shop online. Check mobile me email. Comment on a friend’s comment on Facebook (omg LOL!). ‘Like’ a picture someone posted on Facebook. Do some work. Scan Mashable and BuzzFeed for something interesting to tweet. Set IM status to away. Lunch. Check email while walking to lunch. Check in on foursquare. Check to see where everyone else is on foursquare. Watch video someone shared while walking back from lunch. Check back into office on foursquare (hey, I’m the mayor!). Do some work. Read an email. Rewatch video on computer since you could barely see it on phone. Send a reply email. Check Facebook (look, someone got engaged!). Comment on engagement (yay!). Send email to other friend that you can’t believe so and so is getting married before either of you. Tweet (life is so unfair!). Shop online. Check Gmail. Do some work. Check yahoo mail. Grab Starbucks. Check-in on foursquare. Read email on way back from Starbucks. Really do some work now that you have your coffee. Check back in on foursquare. Tweet (mmmm coffeeeeeeee). Sit in a meeting. Text friend about going out later. Take some fake notes during meeting. Tweet (so many meetings, can’t get work done!) Read text response (i dunno, where do u wanna go?). Go back to desk. Check work email. Reply. Check hotmail even though no one knows you still have that account. Do some work. Back on IM. Tweet (its only Wednesday but it feels like a Friday :-\ ). Text other friend about going out. IM another friend who never responds to texts about going out. Do some work. Check Facebook. Check twitter. Check LinkedIn (why do I go here again?). Send email. Do some work. Get reply text (meet at usual bar). Check email. Tweet (drinks!). Shut down work computer. Check email while waiting for elevator. Text other friend about drinks. Retext because it doesn’t go through in elevator. Walk outside. Check Facebook on phone on way to bar. Order drink. Check email. Order another drink. Check in on foursquare. Order another drink. Text roommate or spouse or dog that you are coming home. Get in cab. Tweet (crazy cab driver!). Take Advil. Drink water. Check Facebook. Shop online. Go to bed.

Wake up. Repeat.

- TJ Bennett


  • Fabio Seidl said:

    Cool post.

    There is just one thing I don’t understand about this Facetwitter age.

    Why, lord, please tell me why these people keep telling us that they are: working a lot, asleep, hungry, in a traffic jam, eating something delicious, watching TV?

    What do they want? Approvement? Tears? Laughs? A hug? A new mother to control everything they are doing?

    Man, I don’t get it.

  • Emese Szorenyi said:

    Great post! Thank You for being brave, and for making the effort.
    It’s all about brainwashing. We have to get “unplugged”, clear our mind/brain for REAL connection. Digital crap is poison!

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