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[7 Jan 2011 | One Comment | ]
The problem with being successful

Let’s say you go to school and make good grades, graduate from college, land a successful job, work your way to the top and retire with your lovely spouse on a yacht and sail around the world when you turn 65. That’s great and all. But, you’re boring as fuck. I wouldn’t want to read your autobiography. Failure is so much more interesting.
Next time failure works it’s way into your life, just think of it as an excellent first page to your upcoming autobiography:
“I just turned 40 and got laid …

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[5 Jan 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
Boxed in

Other industries look for the brightest people and train them to do as many things as possible, well.
Our industry looks for the best art directors and copywriters and spends the rest of their careers trying to pigeon hole them into a tighter and tighter box.
You’re a copywriter. You’re a digital copywriter. You’re a digital, financial, copywriter. You’re a digital, financial, social media copywriter. When does it stop?
I have friends who work in other industries and they’ve gone from sales to R&D to marketing to product development. They keep learning and …

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[3 Dec 2010 | No Comment | ]
Sam Kinison can end this recession

I was watching 60 Minutes last night and I was ready to blow my brains out after watching the most depressing recession story ever. Check it out here.
It’s a story you’ve heard before. Big factory closes in a small, midwestern town (Newton, Iowa) and the town suffers.
-A nice woman can’t get a job.
-A nice man’s jewelry store goes out of business.
-A loving father/husband works his ass off to keep his Domino’s Pizza franchise running.
Here’s what I don’t get—why don’t they get out of Newton, Iowa? Seriously, there are jobs out there—just …

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[21 Oct 2010 | No Comment | ]
Interview like Carrot Top

Like Carrot Top, when I interview, I bring lots of props. I’ve done some promotional work in the past. I’ve used bobble-head dolls, punching bags, action figures and t-shirts to sell stuff. Usually, the first question I’m asked is something like, “So, how long have you been in advertising?/What made you get into advertising?” I answer with some crap about how the business is changing and you have to change with it and start putting all the visual aids on their desk. Then I start telling the stories behind the …

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[29 Sep 2010 | No Comment | ]
The Price

Some years ago, I met a guy who has been all around the world, working for different businesses.
For him, basically, you can live in anywhere, working in any kind of job in human sciences: communications, sales, marketing. After all, you are a human too.
It doesn’t mean that you can succeed or be happy anywhere, doing anything.
But if you want to try, there’s one thing that you have to know before you start any change.
How much do you want to pay?
It’s pretty simple.
Do you wanna live in London? Cool.
The price is: …

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[12 Aug 2010 | No Comment | ]
The Thunderdome of Death

You can’t learn about people in a job interview. They’re just going to kiss your ass and tell you what you want to hear. How are you supposed to know what your candidates are really made of?
Here’s an idea—I call it The Thuderdome of Death. The rules are simple: Two creatives walk in and only one walks out—with a job.

You put the weakest creative you currently have on staff against the candidate who wants the job. Give them both and assignment and a time limit and see walks out with …

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[5 Aug 2010 | No Comment | ]
What Andrew Dice Clay can teach you about hiring.

Part of Andrew Dice Clay’s act was spotting a couple in the front row and asking the guy, “First time you two were together, was she any good?”
Of course, the guy would smile and nod.
Then he’d ask, “Well, how do you think your little princess got that way?”
A while back I messed up a phone interview. The guy asked me a question and I blanked. I guess I was so nervous about getting the job, I screwed it up. On my next job interview, I practiced. I had everything the …

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[2 Aug 2010 | No Comment | ]
Be less like Jack Bauer and more like George Costanza

I love it when I get too much work because then I feel like Jack Bauer. I pretend that the world will come to an end if I don’t meet my 4pm deadline. I even pretend the clock that counts down before the commercial is beeping in my head. I love to say “no problem” and make the job look easy.

I used to work with a guy who did just the opposite.
“No way! Can’t be done. You kidding me? Have you seen the pile of projects on my desk? No …

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[21 Jul 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
10 signs it’s time to move on

A bad job doesn’t always smack you in the face. Sometimes it’s much sneakier than that. It’s more like the frog in the pot of boiling water. You start out fine, but day-by-day, that knob gets cranked closer and closer to maximum suck.  And you might not even realize it.
Because of this, you need to take a step back every once in a while and give your situation an honest appraisal. I’ve come up with 10 signs that can give you a clue when it’s time to jump out of …

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[13 Jul 2010 | No Comment | ]
Getting laid off is like a punch in the face—but in a good way.

Ever been punched in the face?
It’s not that bad. I remember the first time I got punched in the face. I was like, “Is that it?” It’s not like on TV where a guy can deliver one punch and drop his opponent. When your adrenaline is pumping, you really don’t feel it. Go ahead, punch yourself in the face.
After I got punched in the face, I was never afraid of physically getting into a fight. I knew I could take it.
I got laid off for the first time about 3 …