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[16 Mar 2011 | No Comment | ]
Can we do more than just sell?

Some of you may know that I write a social/political blog in addition to contributing to this one.
And I typically keep them very separate. But I wonder if that is wise?
Our industry is filled with curious, creative people with a passion for social and cultural issues. Is there a way for us to tap into that passion to create something more than a great TV spot or a sick banner ad?
In a country where money controls virtually everything, why not work with those who actually control the money—our clients—to bring …

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[14 Mar 2011 | No Comment | ]
Bing Teaches Creatives An Expensive Lesson

So, every creative department in the country (except just maybe, the folks at SXSW who are nursing hangovers this morning) are looking for opportunities to “engage” audiences in a timely way.
Bing just showed us how not to do it.

When the vast devastation of Japan quake and tsunami became apparent, it was the number one topic of discussion everywhere. Bing decided to offer $1 for every retweet to Japan relief, up to $100,000.
For some reason this particular offer provoked all kinds of rage on Twitter, and they ended up issuing an apology.
A few …

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[27 Oct 2010 | No Comment | ]
Charity starts at the fifty-yard line.

Is the NFL ‘pink’ campaign worth it?
Probably. The NFL fan base is huge. And even though breast cancer awareness is already quite high, it’s always good to bring more attention to something that kills over 40,000 Americans each year.
But do the methods work? Or do they actually distract from the message? Are people so focused on the pink shoes and other accessories that they don’t think about the broader meaning? I had to go to the NFL website to find out that the goal of the campaign was to stress …

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[20 Jan 2010 | One Comment | ]
What are you doing?

The recent tragedy in Haiti has caused many to question their place in the world. What am I doing with my life? Do I make a difference? Should I be doing more to help others?
And this is a good thing. It’s always good to question ourselves, no matter what the reason. And wanting to help others is certainly honorable.
But I have noticed that many of those who work in advertising struggle to find any sense of pride in what they do. In fact, many look upon what we do with …

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[8 Dec 2009 | One Comment | ]
Naked Girls Here

I envy the guys who create the Peta campaigns.
Can you imagine a briefing that has just this mandatory?
“Attention, creatives: we really need to use a hot chick naked in the ad! It’s a policy, so please do not complain.”
Other brands worked for decades to create famous and charismatic characters as the Kool-Aid jar, the Green Giant, Tony the tiger, the Bud’s Clydesdales, the Energizer bunny.
But not Peta. There, some guy just saw the light in the middle of a brainstorming.
-          I had an idea! Naked girls!
-          Tonight? Again? But my …