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Rebrand yourself

Comcast announced today that it will be rebranding its Versus network as NBC Sports Network at the beginning of next year. This is a great move. No one knows what the hell Versus is or where the hell they can find it in their channel lineup. The familiar NBC moniker should make things much easier for potential viewers.

Now it’s your turn. Do people know where to find you? Do agencies know what you’re all about? Do your communications to the outside world accurately reflect your true persona?
If not, it’s time to …

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Every time I go to the US and people ask my name, I always see a sarcastic smile coming out, slowly followed by a: ‘Hmmm, Faaaaabio (silent giggle)’.
It didn’t take much time until I discovered the origin of the irony.

Fabio is not a common name in the States, and a supposed Italian, ridiculous model of a ‘not butter’ product made the terrible service to associate his (and my, and all the other Fabio’s) name with his ridiculous persona.
Thanks to this old phony (I believe it was phony to be funny, …

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There’s no “I” in team. But there is one in portfolio.

Our entire day is sent working with other people.
We team up on concepts.
We meet with account to make sure work is on brief.

We loop in media to discover new ways to expand the work.
We work with production companies, editing houses uses and recording studios to create TV spots.
We collaborate with coders and UX people to craft engaging digital experiences.
And yet, when it comes time to show off what we can do to potential suitors?
We create the most “me”-focused presentation possible—the portfolio.
It’s nice to see the beautiful end results of our …

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A writer’s rant

Do you do more than just write? If so, does your computer at work reflect this?
Probably not.

Most writers get stuck with the crappiest of the crap when it comes to agency computers. Once all of the ADs, producers, account people, planners, project managers and the guy who cleans the bathroom have had their pick of the litter, you are typically left with a machine that can barely handle email let alone Word, InDesiign, Acrobat and all of the other shit we deal with on a daily basis.
Why is this?
Is this …

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Marcello and Me

Digital marketing allows us to tell the brand’s story in greater depth. Broadcast and print media are more than just vehicles to drive consumers to a website. And websites are more than just places for orders to be accrued. These are places where consumers can forget that the product is a cog in a conglomerate’s financial agenda, and get lost in humor, beauty, silliness, or truth. And maybe even fall in love with the brand.

Sounds nuts? It isn’t. I love the new Fiat 500. I love everything about it. For …

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A New World (DIS)order

Every time I go to the Cannes Lions Festival I try to find a message, a meaning, something.
Remember when Dove Real Beauty ad won everything?
Many other good actions were awarded that year. Like a billboard with solar cells to generate energy for a village. And I thought, hey, advertising can do something good to the people
Silly me. One year later, the Empire Struck Back.
The main awarded works were for junk food and videogames.
So, what 2011 was about?
1. A new world order.
Some Grand Prizes went to countries like China, South Korea …

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So what’s the big secret, Google?

So Google+ is all the rage.
Or is it?
I wouldn’t know. Haven’t received an invite. Which got me to thinking, why does Google always require an invite when they roll out a new social media platform?
Are they trying to make it seem exclusive? In which case, that sort of defeats the whole purpose of social media, no?
Are they trying to create buzz? I suppose. But don’t they risk alienating those who don’t get invites early on?
Or are they simply trying to avoid overwhelming the system? Which, if true, would really make …

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The party must go on.

So what were you doing last week? Dancing topless on a 200-foot yacht off the South of France? Rubbing elbows with some ECDs from South America? Bumping uglies with a random AD from Amsterdam?
Sounds awesome. Hope you took pictures.
Me? I was in the office, cranking out work like a mofo. Selling shit. Saving projects. You know, a typical week in advertising.
Now, I’ve come down on award shows before, and this post isn’t really about that. I actually think Cannes, out of all the shows, seems to honor some of our …